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Request for Mistress-Akito by TheOfficialBlazie
Tachas other B-Day Gift  (Pixel) by TheOfficialBlazie
Request for PERSEFONIEfromMH by TheOfficialBlazie
200x200 or 400x400 pixels of one character, background is optional.
*Every extra character added is 5 more points.
Custom Adoptables
Old Character 1/2 by TheOfficialBlazie
Demon Adopts (OPEN) by TheOfficialBlazie
Demon References by TheOfficialBlazie
Old Character 2/2 by TheOfficialBlazie
 (Examples aren't custom. I am new to custom adopts, but these are examples of what I *can* do.)
Depending on how complex the character is, I'll take away or add 5-10 points.

Basically just tell me whatever you'd like in a character (either with detail or not) and I'll try my hardest to make it for you.
You don't have to give me exact details unless you want, I'll use my imagination. :heart:
ScreenShot (basic)
Young Wild Girls :screen shot: by TheOfficialBlazie
We shouldn't be alone :screen shot: by TheOfficialBlazie
An anime-like screenshot with flat coloring and shading, undetailed background. Caption is optional.
*Every extra character added is 5 more points.
ScreenShot (detailed)
O u t e r   S c i e n c e ( Gift ) by TheOfficialBlazie
Good morning Italy. (Screenshot) by TheOfficialBlazie
Light 'em up :screen shot: by TheOfficialBlazie
More detailed anime-like screenshots with better shading and backgrounds, caption is optional. 
*Every extra character added is 5 more points.


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Divider II by RBSRdesigns

i like big butts and i cannot lie

i love you - plain and simple by hollyhox
Tagged by: EevaxilAdopts 

Tags: uuh iiRoxYSaYa oOSwiftFootOo talkypocky (ifyouwanttosenpai /sweats) EevAxil UglyTree that's right and PoptartCrazy13 or anyone else who wants to
if you actually read all of this i love you

The rules:

1) You must post these rules
2) Share 10 facts about yourself
3) Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for people you tag
4) Choose 10 people and tag them.
5) No tag-backs.

Questions answered by me:

1) number one true pairing (couple) of all time bruh. (Anime opts include)

um, well currently for my ocs my favorite couple would have to be Spring and Validean (Spring belongs to this chump SirToucan) bc they're just really cute.
OTP otp would be Moon and Quasar because they've been together the longest
OTHER otp otp would be Holy and Fern yESSS BABES.

if you're talking shows and stuff its pruaus and destiel /gone

2) What are all of your characters like as a whole?/what do you think about them as a whole?

they're all complicated and annoying and i love them.

3) Favorite foods?

foods. just foods

4) who is your most specialest friend ever? :3 Tell me a little about them!

Jordan PoptartCrazy13 is the bae. And she always will be. We met in kindergarten and we're still besties so hAH

5) do you consider yourself a precious cream puff too good for this world too pure or a boss bass beech tree ? Why?

im neither because my existence belongs in the trashcan

6) Favorite band? Or favorite song -v- 

my current favorite songs;
Bloom - Pogo
Murmurs of Middle Earth - Pogo
Painkiller - Three Days Grace
Te Amo - Rhianna (aka the fem/destiel song)
Sleep - Poets of The Fall (aka the sad destiel song)
Phoenix - Fall out Boy

anywho i can go on for hours but i basically like any song that sounds good to me

7) what are some things you struggle with as an artist?

style. clothing designs. and body proportions. although, i feel like im improving a lot!! //yessgoodgood

8) Favorite anime and favorite character from that anime.

Hetalia and how dare you make me pick a favorite
England France Spain Austria Austria Austria Australia aka literally everyone and Austria

9) Is there anyone you admire as a person? Someone you want to be more like?

i want to be someone like Markiplier or maybe Mishmish (Misha)
because they're just amazing, kind people who can make others smile and all I do is sit here while they make a difference in the wORLD THEY'RE MY ROLE MODELS AND IM BAD WITH WORDS

10) what kind of flower or plant most describes you? Or you feel would represent you? Why?

i don't really know flower meanings too well but apparently Statice represents remembrance

Questions for my friendos:

1) how many characters (yours, others, from tv or anime) can you relate to and who are they?
2) if you could pick three different countries to go to, what countries would they be and where would you go there? (cities, land marks, ect)
3) is there anyone you admire and want to meet but know you probably cant?
4) ever plan to live with your friends?? meet online buddies?? or just live by yourself?
5) FAVE otp of all otps? (basically, what couples do you like ((from anything)) )
6) what do you think of your art now? have you improved from a year ago, and are you proud of it?
7) how long do you spend on most pieces (of art)?
8) favorite music genres/songs?
9) what songs, shows, movies, or drawings trigger your sad feels?? ((cmon i wont tell anyone))
10) who inspires you to do better? better at anything; social skills, writing, yourself in general, hell someone that even helps you get the motivation to do the dishes in the morning if its that hard //trust me it can me

Facts about me:

1) I feel like im starting to have memory issues... I cant remember anything 'important' like school work, or memories, even things about myself and honestly it's bugging me.

2) guess who suffers from constant lack of emotion eeeey this giiiirl

3) do i wanna be a girl? do i wanna be a boy? ive read so much gay fanfiction that i flirt with guys like im a guy so tbh i don't know.

4) seriously though, i read a lot of gay fanfition. watch too much supernatural. think too much about hetalia. yeah that dumb stuff //maybe this is why i have memory issues lmao my head is filled with trash

5) im too scared to use the term feminist when i mention myself sometimes because so many people have made it seem like a terrible thing and this person i really admire told me she was anti-feminist (respect dropped a little somehow i dontknowowow--)

6) school makes me cry

7) when i grow up (hAH please no) i want to travel the world with my friend Jordan and  go to places like Germany and Sweden and Japan and New Zealand and I also want to learn TONS of languages

8) i wanna be buff by the end of highschool but nah that wont happen

9) if you ask who i have a crush on its Misha Collins

10) seriously Misha tho. my dying wish is to hug Misha Collins bye

okay b y e

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